Live from GAMEIS 2021

Be a fly on the wall as you listen in to Tim Fleming, Curt Godwin, Amy Denman, and Brian Trent talk about how this past year has shaped lasting changes in their schools.

Leaders in education technology have to be more than just great. They need to consistently nurture an environment that fosters innovation from every member in their department. In an ever-evolving technological atmosphere, innovation is the key to getting not just ahead of future obstacles but also to creating an ideal ecosystem that fosters student engagement, enables student safety, and ultimately paves the way for student success both in school and in life after graduation.

Tune in below to hear about:

  • How to foster innovation
  • Why sometimes “No.” is the right answer
  • How to look ahead to create optimal environments
  • Reframing problems: Are we just fixing them or are we creating a better environment?
  • Where to start with your technology investments
  • How to invest in your people

And more!

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