Lightspeed Ahead: Relieve the Stress of managing multiple devices

How many devices are you managing right now?

And how much time are you (or your small IT team) spending managing those devices?

Likely, the answer is more than you were two years ago—or even one year ago. As schools moved to some form of remote learning in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, they have undergone a digital transformation to ensure educational continuity in the modern classroom. They deployed more technologies and bought more devices to deliver those technologies to remote teachers and students. Or they pulled old devices out of storage and repurposed them.

Either way, the result is your IT team having more balls in the air—or, more accurately, more laptops, Chromebooks, and tablets in the field. This is true even as schools return to face-to-face teaching; those school devices are out there, and they are likely being used in some capacity.

Keeping track of all those devices can be stressful, especially when you also must push and pull learning apps, install security updates, and endeavor to ensure student safety and data security.

Are you getting a headache just thinking about it?

If so, Lightspeed Systems can be your pain reliever. Its Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution ensures safe and secure student learning resources management with real-time visibility and reporting. MDM equips your IT team with a centralized, cloud-based solution for infinitely scalable device, application, and policy controls and for remote configuration, reporting, and device location across every device and operating system (OS).

MDM is just one component of the seamless, flexible Lightspeed ecosystem of cloud-based solutions that provide schools worldwide with reliable filtering, analytics, and device management tools.

Lenovo is partnering with Lightspeed Systems to deliver this ecosystem to schools worldwide as part of our commitment to helping you ensure educational continuity during the pandemic and after, as the modern classroom continues to evolve.

Covering all the bases for remote device management

Lightspeed MDM makes app management intuitive and flexible with remote configuration and deployment by school, year group, classroom, and student, no matter which major OS is being used.

The MDM dashboards allow you to issue, track, manage, and monitor every mobile device in real-time from a single location, enabling straightforward centralized IT control for your school’s entire fleet of mobile devices.

The hierarchical device management platform allows for tier-based administration permissions and visibility, which greatly simplify policy management. Using MDM, your IT team can remotely deploy, change, and revoke hundreds of policies across all devices or a single device, and easily install any app with the press of a button. You can even create start and end policies at specific days and times and remotely lock devices to a single app or for extended periods. So, students will not be able to spend their spring break working on that big science project, for example. (Which undoubtably would be a disappointment to the student.)

The Self-Service App Library further lessens the IT team’s workload by providing teachers and students access to install approved curriculum and learning tools.

If lost, the devices can be remotely located, wiped, and recovered.

But wait, there is more…

Lightspeed goes beyond device management, however. In a future blog post, we will talk about Lightspeed Analytics where you can get information about remote learning device use, student activity, and teaching effectiveness. That data can allow you to optimize return on investment and increase adoption of your teaching apps.

Lightspeed Filter, meanwhile, keeps students safe 24/7 from inappropriate or illicit online content on every device—at home or school.

Altogether, it is an ecosystem of solutions that, along with best-in-class Lenovo devices, eases the pains of remote device management and creates a more effective and continuous distance-learning environment. Check out the Lightspeed Solutions for Education Catalog now.

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