Professional Development

BridgeTek addresses professional development in a fresh and unique way. We understand technology, but we also understand the classroom. This combination allows us to work with administration and put together a professional development plan aimed at teaching teachers to use specific technologies for the classroom. The results of these training sessions are teachers that walk away not only with an understanding of the use of the technology tool, but knowing how to effectively make this a part of their day-to-day training methods. 

BridgeTek provides solutions to organizations of all sizes. Let our team of experts work with you to create a unified solution that supports the way you do business. Whether you are considering an infrastructure overhaul, a new phone system, a 1:1 implementation, professional development or other technology advancements, BridgeTek has 
you covered. 

- SharePoint
- Microsoft Office 365
- Classroom
   Displays, Classroom
  Automation, Audio 
  Sound Systems, 
  Classroom Furniture
- 1:1 end computing 
- Chrome devices
- Classroom 
- Print Solutions/
  Managed Print 

- Unified 
- Lync
- Emergency 
- Workflow

- Intercom
- Digital Signage
- SignNow 

- Cloud Voice
- Google
- Email Data 
- Email Archive
- Data Center/
- Disaster Recovery
- Enterprise Storage/
- Webfilter
- Website Design
- Website Hosting 

- Wireless
- Enterprise 
- Cabling
- Physical Security
- Network Security:    Firewall/Web - 
- Load Balancer
- Link Balancer
- Servers 

- Customized 
- On-site/Web based 
   Training for:
    - Microsoft 
    - Office 365 tools
    - Google apps
    - Screencasting

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