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Get a basic risk assessment report that provides a glimpse into your print security vulnerabilities. HP Security Manager Quick Assess will scan up to 20 HP network printers/MFPs against 13 common security settings to produce a report that demonstrates the level of risk within your print environment. It’s quick and easy; in an hour or less a technical consultant will walk you through the installation of the software, setup and run an assessment.

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Solution brief 
Identify risks to help secure 
printing environments 


HP Quick Assess for HP JetAdvantage Security Manager

Gain insight into printing and imaging vulnerabilities to better protect company 
data, documents, and devices—at no cost. 

What if you could...

• Help save time and money by receiving a security snapshot of your printing environment?

• Have a conversation about printing security that 
helped you stay ahead of threats?

• Confidently identify solutions to help manage and protect your HP printing and imaging fleet?

• Spot potential vulnerabilities in your print 
environment without obligation and at no cost?

Pinpoint security threats

Printing and imaging environments can have multiple security vulnerability points. These systems can be left open to abuse, theft, and manipulation of sensitive data, documents,and devices. In fact, almost 90% of enterprises say they have suffered at least one data loss through unsecured printing. While IT administrators put time and effort into protecting computers and their networks, sometimes they’re simply unaware of the security risks that threaten business printing. Or they don't have time or resources to get a high-level look at security gaps. 

Any device can be a point of entry for a security breach. Individuals can misuse or disable devices. Sensitive information can be accessed, exposed, misused, tampered with,or stolen. It’s critical to spot threats before they unfold, and to do so in a quick and cost-effective way. 

Start the security conversation 

HP Quick Assess for HP JetAdvantage Security Manager gives you a firsthand, no-cost glimpse into your print environment to identify potential vulnerability points. HP security experts have identified 13 common security settings for the assessment. With the help of an HP technical consultant, you’ll receive guidance to run the assessment. Select up to 20 HP devices in your network and review reports identifying your points of vulnerability. These reports give you the insight you need to make security decisions with confidence. 

Example of an executive summary report using HP Quick Assess for HP JetAdvantage Security Manager  


Boost print security awareness: With the
assistance of an HP technical consultant, you will better understand the importance of securing your print fleet and how it can best fit within your organization. 


Assess devices: Use HP Quick Assess to
automatically discover, add, and assess up to 20 solution-supported devices in your printing and imaging environments. 


Put your printers to the test: Compare your printing and imaging fleet against common security settings. Examine 13 predefined security settings, and learn how each setting could open up a potential risk. Many of these settings are preset to comply with security protocols. 

Get valuable test results: With expert guidance from your HP technical consultant, you will get information about vulnerabilities in device, data, and document protection. You’ll alsolearn how HP JetAdvantage Security Manager can help you move toward an even more secure print environment. 

Follow through on security 

Prevent potential threats from becoming real
security breaches. HP JetAdvantage Security
Manager—the most comprehensive printing
security solution in the market—offers an
effective, policy-based approach to securing
imaging and printing devices.
Deemed a five-star solution in 2015 by Buyers 

Laboratory, HP JetAdvantage Security
Manager helps close the loop on printing and imaging fleet vulnerabilities. 
HP JetAdvantage Security Manager is part of a larger suite of HP JetAdvantage securitysolutions. This portfolio can help: 


  • Protect workflow, detect intrusion, and  get help recovering from security breaches with a one-of-a-kind solution 

  • Configure printer settings to a predefined template of baseline security policies 

  • Automatically configure new devices to comply with corporate security policies, using HP Instant-on Security 

  • Prevent settings reconfiguration, device theft, unauthorized use of ports, access to internal drives, and tampering or forgery of sensitive information 

  • Save money and time by preventing lost business and data breaches  

  • Reduce the risk of documents falling into the wrong hands 

Why it matters 

Get the confidence and competence to provide a straightforward way to address printer security concerns. HP Quick Assess gives you the context you need to act on security with authority. 

Now you can feel confident to easily address
gaps in printing security. With insight into your
printing fleet and an accurate quote for a 

comprehensive security system, you’ll have everything you need to make the best decisions for a secure print environment.  


Getting started 


Ask your HP representative or reseller to

initiate a no-charge HP Quick Assess of your
printer fleet. Most assessments take less than
an hour.  

To get started, you will need to have the
following information available: 
• IP addresses for range of printers 
• Embedded Web Server (EWS) Admin
• SNMP 1 and 2 community name or SNMP v3 credentials 


Credentials and passwords do not need to be
shared with HP. You can enter the information
directly into the software during the


A Quick Assess can be done from any
computer that can connect to your network
inside the company firewall. It does not require
access to a server in your IT department. 
Software will be downloaded on the computer
and can be removed at the end of the

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