Cybersecurity in Education

Join Jonathan Kyle, a senior cybersecurity expert, to discuss
ransomware and the new threat environment schools are facing today.

Thursday, May 19th, 2022
4:30 pm EST
Orangeburg, South Carolina

Navigating ransomware, protecting student information, and evaluating other cyber-risks facing educators today.

Join Jonathan Kyle, a seasoned security expert, in an interactive discussion about how the cybersecurity landscape in schools has changed over the past year and how we can tackle these changes head-on to gear our students for success.

Followed by dinner, location to be announced.

Meet Your Expert

Jonathan Kyle

Senior Security Architecture

Jonathan Kyle served in the US Army in Afghanistan as a Lieutenant and Platoon Leader in the Signal Corps. He worked with the 101st Airborne in Counter-Intelligence and participated in over 100 combat patrols as well as utilized his Cyber-Security Expertise in counter-Intelligence. Jonathan is the Security Practice Lead for Lockstep Technology Group, is CISSP certified, and has his Masters Degree in Cyber Security from the University of Maryland. Over the past few years, Jonathan has specialized in preventing and responding to security events in K-12 school districts.